Selling a Home in Holmby Hills

Selling a Home in Holmby Hills

Known for being home to some of the best luxury real estate in the world, Holmby Hills is an ideal location to sell a home. Closing a real estate deal consists of many moving parts, but paying close attention to these aspects will make your home sale a success. 

Preparing Your House to Sell

Deciding to put your home on the market is just the first step in the process of successfully selling a home in Holmby Hills. Once you are certain you are ready to sell, you will need to follow certain actions to ensure your house is ready to be sold to the ideal buyer. With proper planning and preparation, once your home is listed on the market, the rest of the process will be a breeze. As you work toward getting your home ready for the market, make sure to complete these important tasks.

Interviewing Real Estate Agents

The help of an expert real estate agent plays an important part in every sale or purchase of a home. Throughout the entire process, the agent you just had to work with will be your go-to person for questions, comments, and concerns. A good realtor will be licensed, which is the best way to vet their ability to sell your home ethically. Luxury real estate should be an experience for both buyers and sellers, and a notable realtor is the best way to ensure the process is the white-glove experience you deserve.  

Different agents often have different sales strategies, niches, and experience levels. This is why it is important to interview agents of interest to make sure the person you decide to work with is able to assist you in achieving your desired outcome. An interview with an agent will allow you to ask questions that will provide insight into if that agent is the right fit for you. 

Upgrades to Improve Your Home Value

After selecting your agent, you'll need to move onto steps that make your home as appealing to buyers as possible. Input from your agent will be helpful as you delve into the process of deciding on renovations and improvements to do to your property prior to selling it. Upgrades can be simple touches like fresh paint and new fixtures or larger projects that will greatly impact the home's price point. When deciding on making upgrades to improve your home, consider the time they will require, costs, and the overall design outcome. If you are uncertain about conducting renovations prior to selling, a chat with your realtor will be able to provide more insight on the best plan of action to follow. 

Staging Your Home and Taking Photos

When you have decided on upgrades and they have been completed, you can move on to staging your property. The staging process is imperative to getting high-quality photos, which leads to a better listing and an increased amount of prospective buyers. With the help of your agent and a talented staging expert, the process of staging your home can be quick and easy. 

Having your home pristine on the interior and exterior gives viewers a neutral environment to envision themselves living in the home. Once staging is complete and your home is picture-perfect, getting professional photos to include with your listing will add credibility to your listing and provide exceptional visuals to accompany the written parts of the listing. 

Selling Your Home

With a properly updated, staged, and photographed home, your home will be ready to be listed for buyers to find. An attractive listing is a perfect gateway to showings, whether it be an open house or a virtual tour. Ensuring these components are executed as smoothly as possible will fast-track your sale. 

Listing on the MLS

Your realtor will be privy to the best resources to use when it comes time to make your listing live. The MLS is the industry standard for finding local property listings. As an online platform for listings, photos, videos, property specifications, and descriptions are especially important. This will be the first impression your home makes on an interested party, so making it a good one is key. 

Open House & Virtual Tours

When your listing has been perfected and posted, the requests for viewings will begin to pour in. Offering potential buyers multiple ways of viewing the property makes it more accessible, which can help with the speed of a sale by making it available to people globally. 

Offering an open house allows people to come and go as they wish without having to coordinate specific scheduling time frames. Virtual tours like videos and 3D walkthroughs offer the same flexibility but for people that may not have time to visit in person right away. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Selling Your Holmby Hills Home

How Can I Sell my Holmby Hills House Faster?

All in all, there is no specific way to guarantee your home will sell in any exact time frame. However, combining the assistance of your agent with the guidance in the steps above will keep you on track to an expeditious sale.

Is it a Good Time to Sell My Holmby Hills Home?

In many markets, the timing of a home sale is often considered crucial. The Holmby Hills real estate market is consistently moving at a fast pace and is known for its competitive state year-round. It is best to consult with your agent, but chances are, it is likely a great time to list your home for sale. 

Is Home Staging Important?

Staging a property is always important, even when working with a luxury home that is stunning without staging. Adding staging to your home will give it personality and help viewers picture themselves living there as they begin to spark design ideas. 

If you are looking to sell a Holmby Hills luxury home, a qualified real estate agent will be your best asset during the process. Contact Aitan Segal today to strategize your sale.

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